Winter Park, FL In Home Speech Therapy

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Is your speech disorder interfering with everyday activities? If you have concerns about your speech or voice, reach out to a speech therapist at Harbour Private Duty Nursing for assessment and speech therapy. We offer in-home speech therapy services in Winter Park, FL.

Health care in the comfort of your own home

We want to express yourself freely and understandably. That’s why we offer efficient and effective speech therapy services in your home. With our in-home speech therapy, you will:

  • Focus on improving your stuttering, dysarthria, voice and articulation difficulties
  • Work on vocal exercises and techniques to help with your speech impairment
  • Create a treatment plan with a therapist that best suits your speech and communication skills disorder

Call Harbour Private Duty Nursing at 407-895-8188 to speak with a speech-language pathologist about your speech disorder. We’ll schedule a free in-home health care consultation with you.